• Deeply respected labour practice advising on a broad range of matters. Well regarded for its strength in labour-related dispute resolution and prevention, in addition to collective negotiation with unions and government entities. Also assists with day-to-day labour advice and is often retained by both international and domestic clients.

    (What the team is known for; Chambers & Partners 2018)
  • Market sources are impressed by the firm's service, noting: "Our impression of the firm is very good - they have great attention to detail, are very responsive and they advise us very practically on the plans we wish to implement."

    Strengths according to clientes; Chambers & Partners 2018)
  • Head of department Matías Pérez del Castillo is a key figure in the labour sphere, benefiting from expertise in related litigation and collective bargaining for clients in a wide array of industry sectors. Observers report: "He is excellent - he gives practical advice and always knows what to do."


    (Notable Practitioners; Chambers & Partners 2018)
  • Santiago Pérez del Castillo is a highly respected practitioner within the Uruguayan labour market, with a considerable academic pedigree. Clients are full of praise for his vast knowledge of labour law, noting: "When the matters are very complicated, he is the one we go to."

    (Notable practitioner; Chambers & Partners 2018)
  • “Capable and efficient" partner Matías Pérez del Castillo of Pérez del Castillo & Asociados possesses significant expertise in dispute resolution which is bolstered by his in-depth knowledge of labour law. He is well versed in litigation, particularly mandates revolving around private dispute resolution.

    (Notable Practitioner in Dispute Resolution; Chambers & Partners 2018)
  • Particularly active in litigation and dispute prevention for clients in the healthcare, dairy and financial sectors. Also provides advice on labour policies.

    (What the team is known for; Chambers & Partners 2017)
  • The lawyers at Pérez del Castillo & Asociados are very good; very technical, efficient and responsive.

    (Strengths, quotes from clients; Chambers & Partners 2017)
  • Department head Matías Pérez del Castillo receives praise from clients for his responsiveness and efficiency. He assists clients in the dairy and telecommunications sectors with drafting policies and negotiations. 

    (Notable Practitioners in Labour; Chambers & Partners 2017)
  • Santiago Pérez del Castillo is recognised for his publications on labour law as well as his advice on training. He also represents clients in court cases and assists with contracts and social security.

    (Notable Practitioners; Chambers & Partners 2017)
  • Respected compact firm with a specialist labour practice. Team represents clients in litigious matters and individual and collective negotiations with unions. Also assists with company restructuring and labour audits. 

    (What the team is known for; Chambers & Partners 2016)
  • The team is excellent - the lawyers are dependable, clear in their advice and have a lot of knowledge. They are completely dedicated to the client and you don't need to explain anything to them.

    (Strengths, quotes from clients; Chambers & Partners 2016)
  • Clients value Matías Pérez del Castillo for his listening skills, sincerity and convictions. They add: "He is skilful, solid in negotiations and gets good results."  

    (Notable Practitioners; Chambers & Partners 2016)
  • Santiago Pérez del Castillo is described as a "pre-eminent figure in the labour sphere." He plays an active role in the firm's labour practice, having held roles in government and academia. 

    (Notable Practitioners; Chambers & Partners 2016)
  • Associate-to-watch Juan Diego Menghi has sound understanding of labour issues, particularly disputes and negotiations. He is valued by clients for his "strong academic capacity and up-to-date knowledge of complex matters."

    (Notable Practitioners; Chambers & Partners 2018)
  • The firm is excellent – it's knowledgeable, understands the problems at hand and provides extremely fast responses that are concise and address the issue from a legal and business perspective. 

    (Strengths, quotes from clients; Chambers & Partners 2015)
  • Advises clients from a variety of different industries. Specialises in restructuring procedures, due diligence, litigation, union matters and collective bargaining.

    (What the team is known for; Chambers & Partners 2015)
  • Santiago Pérez del Castillo is commended by peers as a point of reference in the labour market, and for his outstanding sector knowledge.

    (Notable practitioners; Chambers & Partners 2015)