The Firm - Team

Pérez del Castillo & Asociados was founded in 2012, with the tradition and experience from the firm founded by Dr. Santiago Pérez del Castillo in 1976, and inspired by the importance of providing services from a practical approach. Its founders, Santiago Pérez del Castillo, Matías Pérez del Castillo and Juan Diego Inthamoussu, gathered a team of professionals mutually associated, which practice liberally in the private sector and have academic activity.

This team is the perfect blend between the experience and knowledge of renowned lawyers, and the ongoing professional training and academic development of young professionals. The different characteristics of PdelC members are enriched and enhanced because teamwork is encouraged and promoted, on the basis of shared common values: we work with the conviction that the practical defense of the legal order is the way to ensure the observance of rights of persons and the stability of companies, promoting social and economic welfare.

From that starting point, we seek to practice Law with legal rigor but from a practical approach, offering concrete solutions and a timely, customized service. We prioritize a warm working environment, where professionals develop their personality in serving clients, working closely with them, creating solid personal bonds, focusing on an approach which highlights values such as work and human relations.

We offer legal services in various fields of law (specializing in advising companies, labor and commercial law), adapting to the demands of today's business world.