María Virginia Salvo Cittadino


Born on August, 14th in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Practice areas

She is dedicated to personalized advice to clients, knowing them in a comprehensive way, analyzing and assessing various personal, family and business situations, in order to identify risks and design strategies to prevent conflicts.

She has extensive experience in litigation, especially in civil, family and labor matters, which sometimes involve several countries; and has extensive knowledge in procedural matters.

She leads judicial and extrajudicial negotiations, drawing up agreements and transactions, obtaining fast, guaranteeing and satisfactory results for her clients.


  • Doctor of Law. Universidad de Montevideo. Uruguay (2012).
  • Postgraduate in Applied Procedural Law. Universidad de Montevideo. Uruguay (2015).
  • Master in Law (L.L.M.). Universidad de Montevideo. Uruguay (2020).
  • She completed numerous postgraduate courses and participated in multiple conferences and seminars organized by Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay, Universidad de Montevideo, Universidad Católica del Uruguay, Universidad de la Empresa, Escuela de Negocios de la Universidad de Montevideo (IEEM), Instituto Uruguayo de Derecho Procesal, La Ley Uruguay, Fundación de Cultura Universitaria, Colegio de Abogados del Uruguay, among others; on Procedural, Civil, Labor, Family, Criminal Law, Family Businesses, Insurance, Health Law, and others (2013 to date).


  • Graduated in the first place in the ranking of the Faculty of Law of the Universidad de Montevideo. Generation 2008.
  • Graduated in the first place in the ranking of the history of the Law School of the Universidad de Montevideo. Year 2012.

Professional experience

From 2012 to 2017, she was a member of Ferrere Law Firm, first working in the corporate area (Mergers and Acquisitions of Companies), and then as a Senior associate in the litigation area (lawsuits and arbitrations) and co-leading the Family practice.

From 2017 to 2020 she practiced the profession independently, providing personalized services to her clients, in an integral way; and sometimes collaborating with various prestigious firms nationwide.

Academic activity

  • Professor of Family Law and Marital Society. Universidad de Montevideo (2013 to 2017).
  • Professor of Private Law I. Universidad de Montevideo (2015).
  • Professor of Legal Framework of International Business (substitute). Bachelor of International Business. Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences. Universidad ORT (2017 - 2018).
  • Professor of Economic Transactions Law (substitute). Bachelor's degree in economics. Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences. Universidad ORT (2017 - 2018).


Author of the book "Guarantees of the International Restitution of Minors proceeding regulated by law N ° 18.895 and in-depth study of the ‘Maria Case’”, Editorial La Ley Uruguay, Mdeo., Uruguay; (in process of edition).

Co-author of the book "Jurisprudential Law, Family Law Area", Editorial La Ley Uruguay, Volumes I and II, Mdeo., Uruguay, December 2019.

Co-author by Uruguay of books published in Argentina:

  • Author of the chapter “Family Proceedings in Uruguay”, in the book “Family Proceedings”, volume III, Thomson Reuters Editorial La Ley, Bs. As., Argentina, April 2019. Directors: Gonzalo Javier Gallo Quintian and Gabriel Hernán Quadri, coordinator: María Soledad Pennise Iantorno.
  • Author of the chapter “Damages in Family Matters in Uruguay” in the book “Treatise on Liability for Damages in Family Matters”, Editorial Thomson Reuters La Ley, Bs. As., Argentina, August 2020. Directors: Gabriel Hernán Quadri and Gonzalo Javier Gallo Quintian.

Author of the following articles:

  • “Effects of the Appeal Resource”, Revista de Derecho y Tribunales N° 27, Editorial AMF, Mdeo., May 2015.
  • "Amparo Action: its admissibility requirements, nature and analysis of jurisprudence in cases of request for the supply of medicines", Revista de Derecho y Tribunales N° 28, Editorial AMF, Mdeo., September 2015.
  • “The Burden of Proof in Uruguayan Law”, Revista de Derecho y Tribunales N° 29, Editorial AMF, Mdeo., February 2016.
  • “Precautionary measures in Family proceedings”, in Revista de Derecho y Tribunales N° 33, Editorial AMF, Mdeo., May 2018.

She published articles and columns in various media (newspapers El País, El Observador, Semanario Carta Republicana and Estudio Ferrere portal) and made notes in multiple journalistic radio and television programs.

Panelist and speaker in journalistic programs, events and conferences

  • Speaker at the event “Competitive Family Business. The importance of planning the day to day and after”. Ferrere, Tacuarembó, October 1st, 2015.
  • Speaker at the event “Competitive Family Business. The importance of planning the day to day and after”. Ferrere, Montevideo, July 22nd, 2015.
  • Speaker at the event “Second edition of the Competitive Family Business Event. Structural Risk Model in Family Businesses”. Ferrere, Montevideo, August 10, 2016.
  • Speaker in online conference. "Impact of marriage on the patrimony of the spouses." Webinar Ferrere, May 17th, 2017.
  • Speaker at a workshop on Minors International Restitution proceedings and family violence, organized by Colegio Público de Abogados de la Capital Federal, Argentina, 2018.
  • Panelist for the television program “Esta Boca es Mía”, November 2019 to September 2020.


Spanish, english, italian, portuguese

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