July 23, 2019

"Handbook of Standards for Safety and Health at Work" (3rd ed.)

Authors: Matías Pérez del Castillo - Juan D. Inthamoussu

In this third edition, Matías Pérez del Castillo and Juan Diego Inthamoussu update and expand the original work, contemplating the regulatory modifications produced in the last years. They also consider the latest jurisprudential developments (in labor, civil and criminal law) and administrative (especially regarding the Ministry of labor and Social Security) and the valuable doctrinal comments from prestigious colleagues.

The approach is again strictly legal, which of course should not set aside the more important ethical dimension.

The work still aims to guide the application of regulations regarding health and security in workplaces, and concretize the rights and duties of employers and workers for them to better know their role and responsibility, ultimately promoting better conditions of health and security in workplaces.

In its pages it analyzes the management of the prevention of labor risks in businesses, the duties and rights the employer has to guarantee health and security and the civil, labor, criminal and administrative liability for its breach, the system of work inspection and administration, the regime regarding occupational accidents and diseases, the labor guarantees related to occupational health and security y the participation of workers and other subjects in the topic.