Diego Velasco Suarez



Born on June 26th, 1967 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Practice areas

Advice and litigation in civil, labour and commercial matters.

Specialization in banking and corporate law (liability of shareholders, directors and economic entity, corporate actions and bankruptcy proceedings).

Expertise on legal issues (labour, civil liability and administrative regulation) related to health service companies.


Doctor in Law and Social Sciences, School of Law of the University of the Republic (1990).

Professional experience

Advisor to the International Development Bank, in the Study of Modernization of Human Resources Management in the Health Sector for the Ministry of Public Health, which culminated in the report on "Systematization and analysis of labour standards relating to non-technical staff in the  health industry" (October 2002 to March 2003).

Academic activity

  • Professor of Introduction to Law and Natural Law, University of Montevideo (Associate Professor 2004-2010, Professor from 2011-present).
  • Assistant Professor of Commercial Contract, course by Dr. Oscar Algorta, at the Master of Business Law (2007).
  • Associate Professor of Human Rights (2005).
  • Extensive research on strict liability: Lectures at the First International Congress of Philosophy of Law at the Autonomous University of Mexico, School of Advanced Studies Acatlán, “¿Los criterios de imputación objetiva de responsabilidad son compatibles con una concepción iusnaturalista del derecho?” (Are criteria for strict liability compatible with a jusnaturalist view of Law?”)  (Including analysis of responsibility for things under guard, and of illegal acts of a third party-outsourcing), in 2011; Lecture at the Faculty of Law at Austral University, on the basis of strict liability in civil matters (2013); Conference at the Third International Congress of Philosophy of Law at the Autonomous University of Mexico, School of Advanced Studies Acatlán: “Subsidiariedad de la responsabilidad objetiva” (Subsidiarity of Strict Liability, 2013); and Paper “Fundamentos de la responsabilidad del Estado y del funcionario” (Foundations of Liability of the State and its officers), published in the magazine Derecho, ("Law"), from the Faculty of Law of the University of Montevideo, Year XIII (2014), N. 25, pp. 93-123.
  • Sports Law Course (Cremades & Sánchez Pintado - Madrid, 2000).
  • Coordinator of the Institute of Legal Research, in civil matters (restatement obligations, tort) between 1990 and 1993. The institute published “El Decreto Ley 14.500 de Reajuste de las Obligaciones cuyo cumplimiento se demanda en Juicio”, "Decree Law 14,500 Readjustment Obligations whose fulfillment is demanded in Court", Editorial DePalma, 1991.


Public International Law Foundations Institute of the University of Montevideo.


Spanish and French.

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